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silly cow farm hot chocolate

Burnham & Mills Silly Cow Marshmellow Swirl Hot Cocoa is all natural. Mix with hot milk and enjoy! The re-useable milk bottle is perfect for flowers or to use for your coffee creamer.

-Chocolate Moo-usse

-Chocolate Truffle

-Chocolate Chocolate

-Marshmallow Swirl

chimes ginger chews

Smooth, energizing and satisfying.

Chimes ginger is harvested in East Java, Indonesia, and stone ground to extract pure ginger essence. The result is a succulent and creamy texture balanced with the energizing force of ginger.

Experience the essence of ginger. Let Chimes lift you spirit with a refreshing ginger breeze.

Now available in a new 1.5oz. convenience pack.

-Original Chews

-Peanut Chews

-Orange Chews

-Mango Chews

-Peppermint Chews


dressings drinks & tonics salt & spices sauces sweets
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